Golden Pavilion

From my personal point of view there is an essential distinction to make between music that embodies a movement or a statement, music that articulates the voice of a generation and music that simply transcends its era and its genre all together, hence creating a world of its own, often hermetic.


The latter holds within itself the ability to position the listener in a precise vantage point, almost intimate, mostly fleeting, like a particular ray of light in a particular moment in time.


Theil’s music is such an instance, tantalizing, persistently elusive in its essence. It beckons us to peel layers of beauty and reflection, one at a time.


As with all great art, in Theil’s music we feel that time stands still, if only for a fleeting moment.


Antonio Barreiros

Cascais, February 2022



The relationship between Bob and Golden Pavilion goes back a long way. Golden Pavilion released a version of '… So far' back in 2011 to great success. That version of the lp is sold out and is also well on its way to becoming a collectors item.


Antonio, the head of the label and Bob’s friendship deepened over the years and the idea of Golden Pavilion creating and curating deluxe bespoke box sets covering the various periods of Bob’s music was born.


The first fruit of this labour of love is ‘… So far and further on’. And it is available to order at Golden Pavilion -